Our Story

In a current fashion scene cluttered with boutiques focused solely on stocking the "hot" new line, or securing the latest "it" accessory, TaROO offers a breath of fresh air. At TaROO, there is no doubt about it - the customer unequivocally comes first. Everything from the meticulous selection of trend-right styles and accessories offered, to the ornate interior décor, and the superior customer service is orchestrated to give the clientele an exemplary, one-of-a-kind, shopping experience.

About six years ago, the idea to create a one-stop bazaar for the hip and fashionably-inclined was born. The vision culminated with the opening of the first TaROO store in Manhattan's Upper East Side in 2002. News about the store's cool and trend-right merchandise quickly spread, and the boutique's clientele expanded at an amazingly quick rate. A second store was added on the Upper West side two years later to accommodate all her loyal shoppers, and the amazing response mirrored that of the original boutique. With the continued success, more expansion was in order, and a third and fourth store were opened on 3rd and 33rd and 3rd and 76th.

A major aspect of TaROO's success is the complete and absolute hands-on approach the buying team takes to picking the boutique's merchandise. As a result of their extensive fashion industry experience, TaROO stocks pieces possessing that elusive combination of superior fit and impeccable style. In addition, all the fashions carried at the store are extremely current, and completely in line with the cool trends and styles of the moment. There's never a time when you'll see the previous season's duds wasting away on a TaROO store fixture. All four TaROO shops receive a weekly influx of the latest looks from the fashion runways, and the major metropolitan streets of the world.

What keeps customers coming back and spreading the word about TaROO??? The truly exceptional, v.i.p. service given by the boutique's staff. In an era when most fashion shops employ a coy strategy of "measured snobbism" to somehow make their merchandise more appealing, TaROO takes the opposite route, and lavishes loads of care and attention on the shopper. With four stores and counting, the TaROO strategy seems to be working just fine.